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The City’s Best Street Food, and a New Business Model, in a Shipping Container 2023

Tucked into the busy intersection of Bathurst and Dundas, surrounded by a hospital, a community centre, and a library, Market 707 is a collection of more than 20 vendors housed in shipping containers…

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9 of the tastiest Toronto markets for street food and fun

Lining the south side of Dundas Street West, just east of Bathurst, salvaged shipping containers have been retrofitted to house vendors of all kinds.

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Toronto’s top accelerators and incubators for startups and entrepreneur. Notable alumni: Cookie Martinez; Gushi; Nil’s Pocket Bakery

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Market 707 Toronto

Market 707 is a stretch of sidewalk near Dundas and Bathurst lined with upcycled shipping containers that offer sweet and savory foods, services, and everything in between.

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Toronto’s new street food stall is so popular Jagmeet Singh stopped by for a taste

Jagmeet Singh is a busy man, and when he works up an appetite he visits some truly choice local spots in Toronto.

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Repurposed shipping containers are the latest affordable space trend, but city planning policies need to catch up

The structures reduce construction time, a boon for community groups needing cheap space, but bureaucratic inconsistency means an onerous approval process with the city.

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Toronto should cut red tape and support creativity

Toronto is known as a city of neighborhoods. There’s the old and quirky Chinatown and Kensington Market to the trendy Leslieville and Yorkville and dozens of others across the city.

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Toronto’s best street food

We’ve all been there: standing in line for street meat after an unexpected hunger pang hits—or, okay, several pints.

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