Online Popup Vendors

Support local women and newcomer entrepreneurs, to learn more about our programs visit the special projects tab on our website.

AmyPlus Arts

We make a living/working space feel the way our customers want. We offer wall art prints on demand that are cool and affordable.

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Art/Custom Decor

Life Coach Beryl-Ann

My service business advises people, especially women on how to genuinely love themselves and my unique value proposition is empathy.

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EasyGuard Impacts

Cooking African cuisine, plus advocacy group.

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Lavender Alchemist

We provide mindfulness activities and events through the lens of nature.

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Children's Services

Mi Gusto Es

Mi Gusto Es offers the easiest, fastest and cleanest way to enjoy Mexican food at home.

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Food and Beverage

Held by Huda

We share ways to learn how art, fashion and storytelling can guide your journey to self-healing, self-love and self-care.

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Art & Fashion (Product & Services)

Neighbourhood Foodscape

We teach organizations how to build community food gardens to engage their communities & a way to mitigate climate change & food insecurity.

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Food Garden Consulting

Latin Gal Jewelry

Latin Gal is a jewelry store that was born with the idea of presenting affordable yet durable jewelry pieces to The market.

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Fashion & Jewelry

The Magic Hour of Life

The Magic Hour of Life is a learning experience, to promote skin-to-skin contact and immediate breastfeeding.

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The Abibiman Project

A celebration of the diverse and unique flavours of the African continent's cuisines.

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Food and Beverage


Ehino-Gem is a World of Fashion that deals with unique and beautiful women customized T-shirts and already wears.

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Clothing and Fashion

Plant & Leaf zulah co

Plant & Leaf offers plant based all natural aromatherapy and cleaning products with a refillable service at pop up locations around the GTA.

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Aromatherapy & Adornments

Skincare Snob Co

Skincare Is Our Passion. Our mission is to promote healthy, natural, and glowing skin. We empower women to set their standards for beauty.

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Nectar of Venus Body Oils

Organic essential body oil creations for women of all ages.

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Beauty & Hair / Massage Services

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